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Here you will find answers to questions or you can ask one yourself. You will find our contact information below.

Address Roermond
Bredeweg 235, 6042 GE

Address Venlo
Laaghuissingel 2, 5913 ES

Address Weert
Drakesteyn 5, 6006 AG

E-mail address: (mention name, phone number and city you live)

Telephone number: +31 (0) 88 486 24 58


Locatie Venlo / Blerick

  • Bezoekadres
    Daelweg 6
    5928 NK Blerick

    088 468 24 93

Locatie Roermond

  • Bezoekadres
    Bredeweg 235
    6042 GE Roermond

    088 468 24 58

Locatie Weert

  • Bezoekadres
    Drakesteyn 5
    6006 AG Weert

    088 468 20 14

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Veelgestelde vragen

  • How to integrate?

    DUO has made a short video about this. Click here.

  • How can I pay?

    Civic integration costs money. You can pay for the course and exam yourself. If you pay yourself, you do not have to borrow money. You can borrow money from DUO to pay the course and exam. Click here for more information.

  • When do courses start?

    You can enrol whenever you want. We start new groups regularly.

  • I am ill. What do I do?

    Send an email to your teacher or call the administration on +31 (0) 88 468 24 58.

  • Can I bring my children with me?

    No, unfortunately you cannot.

  • I need more classes to pass my exam. What do I do?

    Go to your mentor at Gilde Educatie.

  • What is ONA?

    ONA is Oriƫntation on the Dutch Job Market. ONA is part of the civic integration exam. It is about work and how to find and keep a job.

  • What is KNM?

    KNM is Knowledge of Dutch Society. KNM is part of the civic integration exam. The course focuses on living/housing, healthcare, upbringing, education, working and history.

  • Why choose Gilde Educatie?

    We have been awarded the "Blik op Werk" hallmark. We offer a course of 5 or 6 mornings and/or afternoons per week. We work with motivated and qualified teachers. We offer civic integration courses on levels A2 and B1. You will get exam trainings for ONA and KNM. We also offer a course for level B2.

  • How does the Dutch school system work?

    The Dutch school system is explained in Englisch in the following video. Click here.

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