Reading, writing, and understanding Dutch

Unable to read and write in your mother tongue and/or don’t know the Latin alphabet? Then this literacy training is for you! This course improves your Dutch reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills up to NT2 level A1. After completion you can start the A2-level course.

Alpha courses

Alpha A

In this phase you will learn the basics of literacy.

Alpha B

In this phase you will read and write simple Dutch sentences.

Alpha C

Your reading and writing skills are more proficient. You are able to function within Dutch society.

Different Alpha

You learn the Latin script.

Start course

Sign up for Gilde Education. You can do this through our website. We will invite you for an interview. We will give you a test to determine the level of your language skills and your learnability. After this interview and test you will hear which phase of the course you can start with. When enough people are registered we will start a new group.


Gilde Education offers courses in Roermond, Weert, and Venlo-Blerick. Click here for address information.

Tuition fees

Your tuition fee is dependent on the phase you start at. You will hear this during your interview. Often the city council will pay part of the tuition fee.

If you qualify for a DUO loan we will help you with your application. Click here for more information.