NT2 Entrance

Are you in need of well-educated employees? Do you want to prepare for changes in the job market and possible shortage of qualified workers? Gilde Educatie trains employees in your company. On-the-job learning is essential to the development of our students and your future employees.


Win-win situation

If they can do their education in your company that is a direct win-win situation. You help them explore and develop their talents. Students work and learn on-the-job. They will learn the language of your company and sector and are challenged in a way that suits them. This results in professionals with al tailored education.

On-the-job experience is important to non-Dutch natives who need extra support learning Dutch and your company's language. By offering these people an opportunity, you comply with the job agreement in the 'Participatiewet' (participation law), which states that companies need to provide jobs to people with a distance to the labour market. They could also take on work which it is harder to find people for.

Speeding up integration with a vocational education. At Gilde Educatie our students do a NT2 course and a vocational education at Gilde Opleidingen at the same time. This education is especially suitable for non-Dutch speaking adolescents and young adults who do not have a secondary school diploma. When they pass their exams and earn their diploma, they can start working or do a vocational education at level 2.

The advantages


  • This way of educating can help with personnel management sustainability.
  • Students are employable more easily.
  • Minimum wages during education.
  • You comply with the job agreement in the 'Participatiewet'.


  • Tailored education that suits your needs and wishes.


  • Students are coached by someone familiar with your sector.
  • We develop a suitable and effective didactic coaching model for in-company learning.
  • Before they start, students are aware of the necessary requirements and standards (e.g. safety).


Gilde Educatie offers educations in the fields of facility, retail and logistics. Together with you, we will work on a new way of educating that meets your company's wishes and needs.

We provide a teacher who educates and coaches the students in-company. The duration of this education is 1 year. Of course the education is tailored to your company.


Anouk Hanssen

Coördinator Access Course job market / Accountmanager

Telefoon: +31 6 580 890 72

Email: amj.hanssen@rocgilde.nl